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Elan Sector 106

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Project Features

Studio, Office & Retail Spaces

Project Overview

Elan Sector 106 on the Dwarka Expressway, in the heart of Gurugram where inspiration and desire converge, is more than just a location it is a representation of modern elegance, seamless connectivity, and exciting opportunities. This complex of studio, office, and retail spaces displays the development of commercial areas in the 21st century.

Studio Spaces: Redefining Workspaces

Studio spaces are more and more in demand in today's thriving corporate environment. Innovativeness, comfort, and functionality are all combined in them. Modern studio spaces are offered by Elan Group, and they can be customized to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. These areas aim to promote cooperation and creativity they go beyond simply being desk and chair settings.

Office Spaces: Where Productivity Meets Luxury

Your team's potential is unlocked at your workplace, which consists of more than just boundaries. Elan provides well-designed office spaces that transform how we work. We designed these offices to increase productivity and employee satisfaction, and we provide various facilities, including comfortable furniture, high-speed internet, and modern conference rooms.

Retail Spaces: The Future of Shopping

Elan Sector 106 Gurgaon offers retail spaces that are ready to set new benchmarks in the fast-paced world of retail. These locations are welcoming for shops because of their prominent locations, high foot traffic, and vibrant environment. This commercial complex provides the ideal platform to promote your business, whether it be in the field of fashion, electronics, or services.

The Start of a Dynamic Lifestyle

A Variety of Spaces - This project provides everything you need, whether you're a business owner looking for an office, a merchant looking for the ideal location, or a professional seeking a cozy studio. Your particular demands are met by the range of venues.

Retail Opportunities - This area is a goldmine for retail enterprises. You can build your presence and survive in the cutthroat marketplace if there is a regular flow of potential clients around.

Cafes and Restaurants - This area is a food lover's delight as well as a business hotspot. You may treat yourself to a delicious food adventure just outside your door thanks to the abundance of cafés and eateries.

Modern conveniences - We developed this project to provide an innovative method of living. We ensure a comfortable and secure atmosphere with features like high-speed internet, 24-hour security, power backup, and other amenities.

Ample Parking Space - Never again stress about parking. For the convenience of both employees and guests, Elan Sector 106 Gurugram provides a sizable parking lot. This places a high focus on your safety. Innovative security systems, monitoring, and a committed management staff keep all residents in a secure atmosphere.

Entertainment - With the complex's entertainment offerings, you can relax and refresh just outside your door. Visit the many entertainment venues to shop, eat, or see the newest movies.

Sustainability - It is dedicated to a sustainable future and promotes eco-friendly techniques. We gave top priority to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency during the design and construction of this development

The Location Advantage

The strategic location of Gurugram along the Dwarka Expressway has a significant impact on how we play the game at Elan, Sector 106. As it connects Gurugram to Dwarka in Delhi, this key road will increase accessibility and connectivity. Whether you're a startup, growing business, or retailer, ease of access to your office or shop is essential for success. It is at its finest here, making it the greatest choice for your project.

Proximity to the Corporate Hub: The proximity of Elan to the busy commercial centers that cover Gurugram's environment is one of its most distinctive qualities. Due to its near proximity to locations like Cyber City and Golf Course Road, enterprises and businesses are interested in it. Because of its excellent positioning, which reduces commuting times, it's a great spot for enterprises of all sizes.

Dwarka Expressway: The strategic placement of Elan alongside the Dwarka Expressway is brilliant. By reducing travelers' travel times between Gurugram and Delhi, this highway acts as an important connector. Frequent passengers use it because it offers simple access to the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Metro Connectivity: It has excellent connections to the fast-growing Gurugram Metro network. The designed metro station would be close by, giving locals and companies easy access to the whole NCR region.

Investment opportunity: Investing in Elan Sector 106 Dwarka Expressway isn't just about the present it is about securing your economic future. The real estate market in Gurugram has consistently proven significant perception over the years. Investing here means that you are now not only obtaining a precious asset but also positioning yourself to advantage from the future growth of the region.


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